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Ashlyn is reliable, honest and sincere. From my experience of engaging her as my agent for buying property and rental arrangement, she is certainly the professional to go to in this industry, due to the high level of commitment, dedication and professionalism she’s shown. She is proactive and an effective problem-solver. From assessing the needs of her clients to paying careful attention to details, I could count on her services and trust her for sound advice and decision-making. She is a beacon of light in this industry and humanity at large. I highly recommend her services. 

Chia Ying

Ashlyn has been helping me manage my property investment since 2012. In all these years, she has provided me with very professional advice and superb customer service. She has an ability to anticipate my questions and have the options available when I needed them. Interacting with her is always very pleasant. Ashlyn has helped me keep the vacancy between tenants to a minimum under the depressed market conditions.


“I Want to Own A Private Property”

Can I Afford A Private Property?

How Much Will I Need to Own One?

What we will provide:

  1. Ascertain your property goals.
  2. Detailed financial calculations to understand your financial position.
  3. Understanding Property Market Trends.
  4. The 7R Analysis method to filter through options in the market.
  5. Determine your safety net and cash flows in various real estate trends.

Case Studies:

Single Owner:

Ms Wee, aged 35 years old called me to find out about her options on a purchase of a property in Singapore. We met and I shared a comprehensive analysis about Singapore property market through these years. We also went through a detailed calculation of her financial position. With this, she understood the various properties in the market to determine what suits her needs most. Today, she’s a proud owner of a unit at Commonwealth Towers which gives her a passive income and a paper gain of $150k after 3 years.

Condo Owner:

Mr and Mrs Tan spoke to me about selling their current 2 bedroom condominium to buy a new 3 room condominium. After working through their finances, I noticed that Mr and Mrs Tan could own 2 private properties. Today Mr and Mrs Lim each own a private property. One in which they stay and the other rented out earning them passive income.

HDB Upgrader:

Mr and Mrs Lim aged 40 years old have reached the Minimum Occupation Period of their 4 room flat. They wanted to meet me to discuss their options. They are a family of 4 with 2 young children aged 3 and 5 years old. They were keen to upgrade but did not have a lot of cash for property. They were also worried not to stretch their finances too tight as they have a lot of household expenses which included children’s child care fees, enrichment etc etc. After meeting and understanding their concerns, I worked out a detailed financial calculation where they did bought 2 properties each, did NOT use their savings, have a CASH RESERVE of $50k!

Let’s grow your assets together!

“I Want to Sell My Current Property”

Have you been marketing your property but not getting the results you want?
With my experience, let me help you!
With our proven strategies, we will help you sell your property at the most optimal price and time.

What we do:

  1. Assess your property
  2. Develop a Marketing and Sales Strategy
  3. Negotiate the Best Terms!

What we also do:

  1. Video Tours
  2. Virtual Tours
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Home Staging
  5. 3D Interior Rendering
  6. Multiple Online Property Portals

“I Want to Rent Out My Current Property”

Have you been facing troubles renting out your property? Let us help you!
With our proven strategies, we will help you rent your property at the most optimal price and time.

What we do:

  1. Assess your property
  2. Develop a Marketing Strategy
  3. Negotiate the best terms

What we can do:

  1. Video Tours
  2. Multiple Online Property Portal
  3. Social Media Marketing

“I Need Advice On My Current Property”

  • Feeling confused about which property choices suit you?
  • Is buying at preview prices always the best for new launches?
  • What kind of property should I buy?
  • Which unit should I choose?
  • Can property safeguard my retirement?
  • Is my property the right choice for my long term and financial goal?

Not to worry. We’ve helped many of our clients successfully address these doubts. With our guided strategy and action plan, financial freedom is a step away!

About Ashlyn

Hi there, I’m Ashlyn and I love to add value to all my clients in achieving their property goals.

I graduated from NUS BSc (Real Estate) in 2003 and attained Honours Degree in the 4 year programme. With 7 years of sales and marketing experience, I left the corporate world to pursue my interest in property and have been in this for 9 years full time.

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