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Real Estate Salesperson Course (RES)


Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course (or commonly known as “Property Agent Course) is a mandatory preparatory programme for aspiring Real Estate Salespersons to undergo before taking the industry RES Examinations.

Under the new regulatory framework administered by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA), one of the registration criteria for property agents is that they must pass the CEA’s Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Examination to possess equivalent qualification.

Our academy’s goal is to equip all RES Course participants with the necessary knowledge and get them properly ready for the RES Examination. You shall acquire in-depth understanding on the Rules & Regulations. Updated Policies & Procedures pertaining to Real Estate Agency standard practices. This course curriculum is carefully developed in-line with CEA xarronatinn Syllabics.

RES Course Eligibility

All Applicants Must Be:

  • Singaporean / Permanent Resident
  • At least 21 years old
  • Possess any 1 of the following Local Academic Qualifications:
    • GCE “O” Level, with nib-4 Credit flosses. CEA accepts combined GCE “O” Level results taken at not more than 2 sittings.
    • Higher NITEC (ITC. CBS. Master NITEC. NTCI)
    • GCE “A” Level
    • Diploma attained from accepted local Polytechnics only (NYP/ NP/ RP/ SP/ TP).
    • Degree or Higher, attained from the accepted local Universities only (NTU/ NUS/ SIT/ SMU/ SUSS/ SUTD).

What if I don’t possess any of the above-listed qualifications?

Option (1)- Go for a Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Assessment

WPLN Certification is accepted for RES Course Enrolment. Candidate must attain Level 5 and above in the following 5 modules: Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing and Numeracy.

Option (2) – Obtain an approval from CEA for your Private/ Overseas Academic Qualification.

You may apply for CEA Educational Qualification Assessment directly with Life mastery Academy.

What do you need to bring for CEA Educational Qualification Assessment?

  • NRIC
  • Original Copy of Private/ Overseas Academic Certificates(s) and Transcript(s).
  • CASH Payment of $64.20 (inclusive of GST) per submission.

Our weekly submission to CEA falls on Every TUES. thereafter. CEA would require another 15 workingibya of process time for your application.

For Foreign Applicants

Prior to taking the RES Course, foreigners (Employment-pass, S-pass, Dependent-pass holders etc.) should consult an Estate Agent that is prepared to support their future registration application. Their estate agent will consult CEA Licensing for a preliminary assessment whether he/she is likely to meet the registration criteria before issuing a Letter of Support.

If CEA Licensing’s preliminary assessment outcome on the foreigner applicant is positive, he/she will then be able to proceed to submit their private/ non-local academic qualifications for CEA’s assessment.

During RES Course enrolment, this candidate MUST be able to produce a valid Letter of Support from an Estate Agent.

Course Fee & Subsidy

Our RES Course fee is SG) 828.00, inclusive of GST.

  • Exclusive Perk! BEE Refresher Classes for LMA ex-students who’re re-taking RES examination. Valid for a period of 2 years starting from their course-end-date.

To give you greater savings, the following subsidy are applicable:


Applicable for Singaporean Applicant, of 25-year-old and above may utilise their SklllsFuture Fund (Up to $500).

Union Training Assistance Programme

Eligible NTUC Union member could claim up 50% of their *unfunded course fee (capped at S250/year). Members are expected to submit their individual claim after course completion, and within 6 months.

*Unfunded course fee refers to the Payable Amount after SkillsFuture Subsidy.

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