Types of Property in Singapore

There are 3 broad categories of properties in Singapore, namely, Residential, Commercial and Industrial.


HDB: 1 room, 2 room, 3 room, 4 room, 5 room, Jumbo, Executive Apartments, Executive Massionette, Multi-Generation,Terrace

Private Residential: Executive Condominium, Apartment and Condominium

Landed: Town House, Cluster House, Strata House, Terrace House, Corner Terrace, Semi Detached House, Detached House, Bungalow, Good Class Bungalows


Industrial land is categorised into the following
a) Business 1 (B1)

Nuisance buffer less than 50m
b) Business 2 (B2)

Nuisance buffer more than 50m
c) Business Park

-Single User Factory

-Multiple User Factory






-Hotel Rooms

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